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Sorry no big story to tell yet as the snowshoes are Christmas gifts for two nephews and it's only September. I purchased them because last year I bought four pairs for four other nephews and they were the hit of the Christmas gifts. I really appreciate how easy Bigfoot makes ordering, billing and especially the free delivery across Canada.
- Kathy Peters from Abbotsford
The snowshoes are awesome! Since we received them, my husband and I have tried to get out most weekends to enjoy them. I will certainly recommend your product! Thanks!
- Marny from Northern Ontario
they are great,had back operation Nov 30th and could use them in Febuary,now no snow ,But were easy to use my first pair ever,
- cheryl dempster from upham
Love the shoes! Very light weight, easy to slip on and off!
- Patricia Vallier from Sudbury
I absolutely love my snowshoes. They are made very well, were a fantastic price and shipping was FAST! Most important is the fact that it is great exercise, feels sooooo good to get fresh air and sunshine and my dogs love it!
- Jo from 100 Mile House BC
We LOVE our Big Foot Snowshoes! Awesome customer service, excellent quality, speedy delivery! I bought a pair for my 3 and 7 year old and they can put them on and tighten them by themselves! Snowshoeing is our new favorite family activity!
- Elise from Barrie, ON
I use them for elk hunting. My first trek didn't use my snow shoes. Oops won't make that mistake again. Next time I used the snowshoes; oh yeah, that was surely the way to go. It definitely kept me on top while rest group sank into the snow.
- Drumondbogatzki from Alexandria, mn
I got out last week to enjoy the snow and the full moon with my new Gold Shoes! Thank you so much for your great service- your prompt replies to my emails and also the supplies to repair my husband's snowshoe. I love my new snowshoes! I will be more attentive to the fit from now on. Also I have told everyone I know about your company. Keep up the good work! !! Here's to winter-bring on the snow!!!???? Sincerely, Deb
- Deb from Ontario
I love my snowshoes! Thank you for making them affordable, guys. For real. I've been out with them twice so far and plan on going more this weekend. I'm getting used to them on flat groomed trails and then hope to try hills. I'm a passionate hiker but did not consider snowshoeing until this year, and it's really been a game changer for me. I have finally found THE thing that will have me looking forward to winter every year. I'm very happy with my purchase.
- Adrienne from Ontario
i bought these for my wife and myself to use on our property in new hampshire. they have been perfect in every way. easy to put on and adjust. couldn't be happier
- Paul Bradley from massachusetts
These snow shoes are great! Bindings are really good. I can get them adjusted the way I want them and they stay on tight. I am very satisfied thank you. Want to learn more. Check my outdoor blog
- Ben from Montana
Love these snowshoes. Arrived on time and have seen trails in the Rockies and the East Kootenays. British Columbia just got a little more beautiful. Thanks Bigfoot!!
- Steven Kryzaniwsky from Kelowna, BC
Finally deep snow in NH!! Shoes are excellent quality and easy to use. No issues adjusting bindings on the fly even with snow packed on. Very happy with our purchase of 4 sizes!
- Tom Ewing from White Mtn National Forest, NH USA
Bought two pairs of snowshoes for my twin toddlers. I have to say they are great snowshoes - they suit their size very well and they are easy to do up. They have a ratchet type strap that you can tighten very easily - nice design. Deliver was very fast too! Thanks Bigfoot Snowshoes!
- Tara from Newfoundland
I bought a pair for my son & daughter in law & they used them this weekend with other people ...they said they worked awesome..the other people rented theirs & at $25.00 a day for rental I suggested they buy some from Big Foot Thanks Al
- Al Huntley from Coquitlam BC
My husband loved them. He was very impressed with the construction and the high quality of the shoes and poles! Thank you so much for your super awesome customer service.
- Debra from Canada
First time snowshoer and I am obsessed with it. Shoes are great and I am waiting for the burning in my legs get better so I can go further. It's been awesome and the service has been better
- Rick from Chaska MN
This is our second purchase. Smooth delivery as usual and our kids love the snow shoes.
- simon
I love my Bigfoot shoes! I got them because on Thanksgiving long weekend 2015 my Bf his cousin and I went camping and were stalked by a Bigfoot! It sat up on the hill and continued to watch us from behind a bush till we finished packing up and left! We heard it howling to other during our trip, and also other weird experiences from it!! I needed the shoes to walk up the hill it came from to investigate! Unfortunately the area is closed due to Bears hibernating haha it's not the only animal hibernating over there.. Bigfoots too!! Still tried to shoes it's like walking on top of clouds so cool! Thankyou:-)
- Tammy from Camping in Alberta
I bought the snowshoes for my nephews for Christmas - four brothers who are also very good friends. I ?gave my nephews the snowshoes yesterday and they were thrilled. It seems the family had plans for skiing/boarding on the 28th and those plans quickly changed to snow shoeing. I did a lot of on-line searching before I found your company. What got my business was the ability to match up parcels of two and your free shipping.
- Kathy from British Columbia
The cousins exchanged gifts of snowshoes to each other this year. The first Christmas in the grandparents cabin since it was built. They loved them and we snowshoed into grandpa and grandmas forest to get our Christmas tree. Snow shoes worked great even for the littlest ones! Merry Christmas!
- Maeve from Saskatchewan
My purchase of the bigfoot snowshoes is for my 2 granddaughters for Christmas. The two pair have just been wrapped and I am already excited to see them open their gifts. The snowshoes seem to be of great quality as well as the carrying bags and the poles and I know they will get lots of use this winter. The delivery service was prompt and the company good to deal with. Will look at purchasing more next winter for my other 2 grandchildren.
- Mary Hughes from thunder Bay, Ontario
I bought myself a pair of Big Foot snowshoes online last year for Christmas. I had to call the company the next day because never having snowshoes before I ordered the wrong size. (I didn't allow for extra weight of outer wear or a backpac)The customer service on the phone was excellent. My order was fixed without a problem and they threw in a bonus Christmas gift. :) I was surprised to receive them within a week. I love my snowshoes. I didn't realise winter can be fun. This year I plan on buying 2 of my friends Big Foots for Christmas.
- Carla V. from Ottawa Ontario
Only had a chance to get out on them once, (couldn't believe how quick the snow disappeared) the trip out was just what I needed. It was a beautiful day ( no long johns, no jacket) it was so nice to get out of the house with no shoveling involved. I over did it, so sore I could hardly move for a week, it was well worth the pain
- Mary from Saint John N.B.
We bought our snowshoes late in the season (early March) and still managed to get out quite a few times.....loved it! What a great way to experience our Canadian winters. We even managed to tuck in a snow shoeing B&B package in Owen Sound before the snow melted. I can't wait for winter to come back ...wait, did I just say that?
- Natalie Trimble from London Ontario
Our snowshoes take us places we've never been before. Enjoying the Bruce Peninsula and iced up Lake Huron.
- Connie from Tobermory
Bigfoot Snowshoes have been a blessing this winter! We have about 6 feet of snow in our backyard and the sidewalks are still buried. The mounds of snow which have been plowed are about 10 feet high in the driveway. Needless to say, without my Bigfoot snowshoes, there would have been limited opportunities available to us to exercise with our dog. Our Bigfoot snowshoes allow us to hike back to the snowmobile trails in the woods and open up miles upon miles of trails for us and our dog. Thanks Bigfoot, our dog is loving it!
- Anne from Nova Scotia
My wife and I have been enjoying our Bigfoot Snowshoes since they arrived two days after we ordered them. Our daughter and two grand daughters enjoyed them so much that our son-in-law ordered a family package.Great family fun!
- Jim from Ridgeway, Ontario
Thankfully, my nephew, Andrew, agreed to snowshoe with me; therefore, I purchased a bundle from you. Unfortunately, we only visited one state park together this winter, but nonetheless, it was a wonderful time exploring trails. I am so excited to have a family member enjoy this wonderful winter activity with me and both of us are looking forward to the next season of snow ! Thank you for your excellent customer service and delightful red stamp on my invoice copy ! It is the little things in life that are most appreciated !
- Linda Nicholl from Glen Mills, PA
First time we have ever snowshoed. We are loving it and our outdoor activities have increased during the New Brunswick winter.
- Paul Paradis from Lower Newcastle
I love them. Tried them out the first weekend they came. Went about 5mi out the back and they worked great even the the really deep snow.
- Lisa Dickson from Laurel Ont.
Last year, instead of running 3 times a week, Sally Peck (of Sugarbush Vineyards) and I started to snowshoe, instead. Great cardio, sacred silence and the beckoning stretch of unexplored nature seduced us. This year Sally bought BigFoot snowshoes, and told me about them, so I upgraded, too. Here's a picture of Sally and Liz cutting a trail in Sandbanks Provincial Park in -22C weather. We are loving winter!
- Jennifer Cobb from Prince Edward County, ON
I love my snowshoes. They made this winter survivable for me. It's my first New England winter and what a doozie! I couldn't walk in the park. I was slipping and falling on the ice. I ordered snowshoes and poles for my husband and myself. And I could go out on the trails near my house again. Hiking in the woods was helping to keep me sane here, and bigfoot snowshoes made it possible for me to be out in the woods. Easy to get in and out of and easy to carry, and easy to get used to walking in.
- Danica from Mendon, MA
- Andre Lejeune from Eskasoni First Nation Cape Breton
Ordered a family bundle.the shoes seem to be good quality.and have been a blast to use have put about 15 mIles on them and they are holding up great
- Bob elliott from Connecticut
Purchased the snowshoes after a trip to Tremblant where we rented. Have been out once here and will head to Tremblant next week for a day of snowshoeing in addition to skiing. The equipment is of good quality, well priced and fully suits our needs. Well done.
- Chris Freeman from Oakville
I bought a pair of Big Foot snow shoes when my neighbors wanted to all get together for outings. Us girls all had a lot of fun but over the past few years they all moved away. Wanting to still use my snowshoes but not wanting to go it alone I convinced my husband to get a pair. He loves them and we go out as much as the weather will permit. They are well constructed and very affordable Thank you! .
- Theresa from Michigan
Good morning! This year has been maybe one of the best years for a long time to do any winter sports. I have had a lot of use and fun with my snowshoes and actually convinced my 20 year old son who despises winter to give it a try. He did indeed, and concluded "Yes mom you were right! It was fun" . You don't hear that very often. Thank you for helping me get him off the couch! Also, thank you for helping me prove that Mom is always right. ????
- Michelle from Canada
I love my snow shoes, and the follow up purchase I made of spares was shipped right away. Service was excellent, and I was contacted by email with answers for all questions I had. Happy customer!
- Krish from Pennsylvania
So, I purchased 2 pair of your Big Foot snowshoes for my husband and I... We had never snowshoed before and didn't know what to expect. Turns out... WE LOVE IT!!! Our snowshoes are amazing! We have had record snowfall for out area this year and we're getting pretty depressed about all of the snow... Then we walked on it and realized how peaceful and enjoyable it really is! Our snowshoes did not gather or hold snow, the bindings are super easy to use and hold great! We read some negative comments prior to purchasing, but I'm happy to say we have had absolutely no issues with these snowshoes, and are very much looking forward to using them again and again!! Excellent product, excellent price... And the poles are a definite plus! I would definitely recommend these snowshoes to anyone!!!
- Krista Collins from Saint John, NB
I decided to purchase a set of snowshoes for myself for Christmas. I searched online. Found the Big Foot web page. Reasonable price compared to other companies I searched and it is a Canadian company. I ordered a set online To find out I got free shipping and as a Christmas bonus I got a free carry bag. After I did my online order I realised that I didn't allow for extra weight for winter clothing. (My first snowshoes) The next morning I called the company to change my order to the next size up. Very friendly service. I paid the difference. All was good and I discovered they threw in a set of poles another Christmas special. I believe my order was a few days before Christmas, I was happy to be snowshoeing on Boxing day. So the price that I was happy with to begin with was even better because I received extra Christmas gifts. I have used them several times now, and are quite happy with them. Great Product at a Great Price and with Great Service. Thank You. 5 Stars. I highly recommend you. :)
- Carla Verhaeghe from Smiths Falls Ontario
Hello Bigfoot Snowshoes! I bought my whole family snowshoes for Christmas this year and we love them. Easy to put on and easy to use. We are a family of five and it has gotten us out as a family snowshoeing and enjoying the great outdoors! Even my three year old loves to go out on the trails we have through the bush! Thanks for making a great Canadian product that our whole family enjoys! Please find attached a picture of us on the trail.
- MacKinnon Family from Baysville, Ontario
Hello, the service is incredible !! and the snowshoes are all that and more !!! I only wish that more businesses would follow your example of excellent quality products & exceptional customer service !! Keep up the good work & I will do my part in spreading the word. Thank-you for a feel good online retail shopping experience. Cheers, Lois
- Lois from Canada
Have done quite well with Bigfoots--serviceable, inexpensive, and virtually only ones I could find whose bindings would accommodate heavy pac boots. The one mishap was a cracked binding. When I called I was courteously instructed how to order a replacement, and also how switching to a longer front strap would make fitting large boots even easier (you sent it to me for free--thanks!). All in all, thoughtful design, good service. I've had much worse experiences with other brands that cost way more.
- Dan Breslaw from West Corinth, VT, USA
On the day our snowshoes arrived it rained and washed away all our snow. But my snow danced worked and we had over 100cm of snow fall in the span of just 2 weeks! Since then we've been out snowshoeing every weekend. From breaking trails at Rockwood Park, hiking in Fundy National Park or discovering the Ice Cave in Midland, NB! We love them and can't wait till our next adventure!
- Kayla DeBow from Saint John, NB
Awesome service, Super fast shipping!! First time buyers of Snowshoes. Photo was our first outing sporting our Bigfoot snowshoes!! EAsy Peasy bindings, comfortable Thanks for the great experience!! Shelley, Judith and Lynn Marathon ONTARIO
- Shelley Heavens from Marathon Ontario
I have always wanted my own pair of snowshoes and this year, I ordered my very own. Bigfoot snowshoes were recommended to me by a friend, so I went online and along with 5 others, did a bulk order. The service was simply amazing!! Communication was fantastic with the staff and within a short week, my brand new 27's were delivered right to my door. Sending you a photo of my mother in law with her 25's, myself and my best friend in her 27's ALL with our new BIGFOOT Snowshoes on our first hike. Love the bindings, easy peasy and sooooo comfortable. Because of Bigfoot, my winter got that much more enjoyable!!! Shelley Heavens Marathon ONTARIO
- Shelley Heavens from Marathon Ontario
My husband and I are very pleased with our Bigfoot snow shoes. We were impressed with the fast delivery. We have been enjoying the winter weather. It is a great work out.
- Mary Ellis from Holland Landing
We live at the base of silverstar here in Vernon, and were looking for some snowshoes to explore our neiborhood. Bigfoot have a great deal on pairs of snowsoes, and delivered very quickly. Very happy with our purchase, and making tracks all over silverstar! Thanks Bigfoot
- Mark from Vernon
I had purchased snowshoes as a Christmas present for my mom. After my mom opened her gift and I told her the weight requirement she had admitted that she needed the next size up. I had emailed the company and explained my situation. They had responded promptly and told me that I could return them and they would send me the next size up. I had to pay for the shipping (to and from) but they volunteered to pay the $10 for the next size up! Overall I was incredibly satisfied. Thank-you for everything.
- Lauren from Canmore, Alberta
Thank you very much for the speedy delivery of my parcel. It arrived two days after I placed an order online. I was very surprised and happy that a Christmas elf included a FREE set of poles! Now, if you could just arrange a white Christmas for my sister to use her gift! Thanks again and Merry Christmas to all the elves at Big Foot.
- Lorraine Schuster from Port Elgin, ON
Only had a chance for a short walk so far but going away in February and looking forward to get lots of use from them. The snowshoes look and work great nice and light and the poles and carrying bags are a great addition.
- Dave Kennedy from Barrie
I bought snowshoes for my son for Christmas and I thought I would try them out. Now I use them more than he does. But he really likes them too, so I should probably get some for myself. I am very happy with these snowshoes. They were less expensive than anything I could get in Edmonton and they shipped Very fast. And my son likes the name Big Foot.
- Nancy from Sturgeon County, AB
We had never tried snowshoeing before. On Christmas day we went up the mountain and snowshoed. The Bigfoot Snowshoes were so easy to put on and off and snowshoeing was so much fun!!! What a wonderful way to spend Christmas day enjoying God's creation. Thank you Bigfoot!!
- Stephanie Hall from Vernon BC
We had a terrific time snowshoeing with our children using the snow shoes we purchased through Big Foot. It was a great buying experience and we are pleased with the excellent service and speedy delivery for Christmas.
- Philip LaFountain from Attleboro, MA
Purchased two sets of snowshoes from Bigfoot for my grandchildren. Service was excellent and I received the gifts in a very short time. The children love the snowshoes and tell me they work great. Thanks Bigfoot!
- B Repas from Alberta
We bought two sets one for my son & daughter in-law for Christmas. They were so excited to try them in Canmore for New Years. I did my research B4 I choose the big foot snow shoes site. I did have some questions that were answered promptly by Barry the owner,very helpful and loved having a one on one call. Thank you all for making my gift an amazing experience!
- Margaret from Kelowna
The ones I purchased are for X-mas, so we haven't got them yet, and there ain't been any snow. But if my wife is as excited as I am on Christmas morning than we will be looking for the snow to try them. Hahahaha. Thanks again for the great gift idea and deal. They looked great before I wrapped them. I'm sure well have some stories/pictures when we do use them.
- Jim from Belleville, Ontario
We had a very large snowfall Tuesday night (Nov 25/14). I received a call at 4:45am that our baker was unable to get to town so I shovelled to the garage then tried to drive out. The car sunk in the soft snow. I went back in and my husband and I put on the snowshoes (which was our Christmas present). We proceeded to walk through our property to the road, climbed over the snowbank the plow made and walked down the hill to our business to find several men waiting patiently for their breakfast. I told this story to customers throughout the day - they all thought it very funny. The snowshoes saved the day.
- Barbara from Princeton, BC
My husband purchased a pr of snowshoes for me locally so I decided to buy him a pr the next Christmas from Bigfoot Snowshoes. The quality is as good or better than mine, which were twice the price here in town. We love snowshoeing and I am planning to buy snowshoes this Christmas for the entire family! Buyers: do not buy snowshoes that don't have a ratchet system, its a real pain to adjust if they are buckle types. I have seen this with friends who have bought the cheap kind.
- Outi from Thunder Bay, Ont
I bought the snowshoes for my husbands birthday, good deal in April for 2. We were going to the cottage is parry sound and I have them to him early, what a great product, we love them, easy to put on and off, had to hike to the road and back and would recommend them to anyone. Like the poles as well will definitely use them too. The bag is great for storage. The picture was take snowshoeing on the lake , ice at the end of March 2014.
- Sheila from burlington
I am really impressed. We only got to try the shoes out once (as we bought them at the end of the season) but they appear to be really nice and work well. The real pleasure was customer service. A piece was broken in shipment to me, I called up and they shipped me a new one, no questions asked. I have to say in this day and age that is rare and awesome. Thanks!
- Stephen Haas from Appleton, WI
Dear Bigfoot Team....thank-you for asking how it's going with the snowshoes...........this is my very first time ever using snowshoes and i am hooked!! The following winter will be better because I will be able to start sooner as I purchased these snowshoes late in the year. I took my sister...her daughter...and her niece and great-niece.....out for a final good by to the sister has been snowshoeing before but my niece and 8 month old great niece and myself never have.......needless to say there were a lot of laughs!!!! the day was cool ..the snow was slushy.....we had dirt patches to was terriably was a day we will soon not forget.......we enjoyed making good use of the snowshoes to have fun for our last day in the snow........thank-you !!
- Lorna from British Columbia
Delivery was very fast (within 2 days of order). Snowshoes are excellent, bindings are easy to adjust. W have used them in very varied terrain: river walks, bushwacking, and steep terrain. We love them.
- Della & Denis from Ottawa
My Husband and I love our snoeshoes. It was first time for both of us and we could not be happier. We have also gotten two of my nephews into it as well.
- Stacey Morris from Prince Edward Island
I bought some BigFoot snowshoes for my husband for his birthday. They are great! He has been using them in all the tons of snow that we've had this year... they seem strong and he is enjoying them a lot. Thanks!
- Joan Sutton from Prince Edward Island
twice i have ordered from your store and twice i have been very pleased with the product and service. the price i paid for the snowshoe bundles were fair, and i would recommend your establishment to all my friends and have already.
- Glynn Moss from Newfoundland
Love our snowshoes! I ordered them for Valentines Day to give to my boyfriend. At first he was not 100% thrilled. That weekend we went out for the first time with our dog and spent 2 hours walking near the Connecticut River, he was hooked! Since then we have recommended them to 2 sets of friends and they have bought their shoes from Bigfoot :0) Thanks for the fun and we cannot wait for next year to really have a full season.
- Anna N. from Holyoke,MA
I love my Elite 34 inch snowshoes. I live on the edge of my parents 90 acre farm with 30 acres of bush. I have a 100 pound dog, Great Pyrenees and Husky mix, so Molly loves the snow. We live in the village of Harrisburg and Molly cannot be let loose because she runs into the village and she does not get along well with other dogs so in order for Molly to get exercise we need to head back to the bush where I can let her off her leash. This year that has been possible with the purchase of my showshoes. I purchased poles as well which has been a great help when walking through the bush. We have travelled through my parents' property onto the next farm. A lot of the bush area is grown up and has many thorn trees, the poles have allowed me to pick up the back of the long shoes and flip them around on the paths we are following, or carry them over short fences (which are only short because of the build up of snow this year). Quite often the trails we are following through thorn trees are those left by the deer that travel through the bush. I love the outdoors and so does Molly she gets to chase deer and wild turkeys once in a while (she can't catch them, the deer are too fast and the turkeys fly away - I wouldn't want anyone to think she catches them). This was a great year to purchase snowshoes. I have used them more than half a dozen times in the month I have had them.
- Glenda Wood from Paris, ON area
2013 @age 73 decided I would like to snowshoe. Our municipality of Greenstone purchased several pairs of Bigfoot snowshoes which would be on lend for people of their community. So I borrowed and loved it. Next I bought my own and continue snowshoeing well into March. This year I have my own trails arround our property and have been out 60x so far this long winter. Love them!
- Jo from Nakina, Ontario (northwestern)
I don't have any stories to tell, but hubby and I really like our new snowshoes!! This is the first year that I have ever snowshoed and really enjoyed it. Hubby has switched from the old fashion wooden shoes to this lightweight, easy to put on new style!
- Linda A from Nova Scotia
Great times on the shoes this year with the kids. Recommend Bigfoot snowshoes to all who are looking and will be a repeat customer for sure.
- Luke from Durham, ON
My husband and I purchased shoe shoes from Bigfoot and we love them! We used them on frozen Lake Huron at our cottage...wonderful!!
- Stephanie Murphy from Burlington, Ontario
Big foot all the way! Come on mountains, we can take ya! Ain't no mountain high enough, and no meadow low enough, yada, yada..
- Kathy & Gary Jessop from Millarville, AB
Excellent deal with free poles and carry case. Loved the free shipping and received it within the same week. It's been great to spend more time outdoors this winter.
- Lisa Martell from Baddeck, NS
Love them! Great product! Fast delivery! Will order again from big foot!
- Cynthia Gallant from Campbellton
After moving from Southern California to upstate New York with the military, I got a job where I was exposed to snowshoeing (working with wounded Soldiers. Snowshoeing is one of their rehabilitation exercises). After deciding to buy a pair of my own (rather than using those provided by work) I found that Bigfoot snowshoes had a very good quality along with design aspects expected on far more expensive shoes (and I am "type A" when it comes to product research!). I bought a pair of Adventure 30" shoes and they have been GREAT! Other personnel at work have also asked for my recommendation. Now, my wife is also getting into the sport. Since she is tall (5'11") and I am her personal Sherpa when we go out, she is inheriting my shoes and I am upgrading to a pair of Elite 34"s. On a side note, I had a product question for the customer service, and they relied to my email within an hour... On a Sunday evening! The representative, Barry, was extremely polite and knowledgable. I can't find a reason to complain about these guys. 5 Stars all around!
- Matthew Perry from Watertown, NY
Yes, we love our snowshoes. I'm not an online buyer as a rule, but the website & ordering process was so easy and helpful, & the delivery time was FAST and the product is Great! so I just want to say THANK YOU.
- Suki from Calgary
Hello Bigfoot Snowshoes... ... your snowshoes are excellent !!! The day I took the attached photo I was in some bush that was much easier to hike through with your snowshoes... Amazing uphill grip !!! Weather provided I will be using them up in the Kincardine area this weekend at a Vintage Snowmobile Racing event I am photographing. Cheers...
- Todd from Ontario
We need more snow! I have only been out about 5 hr. and loved every minute of it. One more thing on my list of things I need to keep doing. Three friends have bought shoes from you too. Really liked your web site.
- Barb from Niagara Falls
The snowshoes are awesome. They are really well built and great value for money. I am novice snowshoer but these are so easy to use. I am glad I made the purchase.
- Susan from Lethbridge
Hello Team Bigfoot, Firstly - kudos for speed! The 2 pair I ordered for my grandkids were shipped the same afternoon ordered, the 9th, and delivered by our regular Canada Post letter carrier on the morning of the 13th. Secondly - kudos for the weather! We have way more snow in Calgary than usual which makes for great snowshoeing. But you could tell your weather contact enough is enough, please. And lastly - and most important - my grandkids were thrilled to pieces. They are 11 and 13 and have been cross country skiing for several years but the snowshoes are much quicker and easier to pop on and take a quick walk around the neighbourhood and over to the grandparents a few blocks away. So: great service and great product. Thanks and Happy New Year.
- Gail from Ontario
I am so not a winter person. I consider myself somewhat of a bear in that I hibernate until Spring arrives. When my girlfriend and I decided to purchase bigfoot snowshoes I was skeptical of how much I would really use them. Well let me tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I have been outside more in the past month then in the last couple of years combined. Thanks bigfoot for getting this bear out of hibernation.
- Tena Kellett from Wasaga Beach
I bought these as a christmas gift for my wife. We used them over New Years in two feet of snow and they preformed well. We will try them again in a few weeks when we go again. So far so good.
- Lane Luck from St Catharines Ont
My partner really wanted snow shoes and I was not too keen, but decided to get him a pair as a gift. Well, it turns out you had your sale on, offering free poles and bags for each pair if I bought two pairs, so I decided maybe I should have a pair too. I phoned you, and got excellent support on determining the correct sizes. Even though we live very close to the store I arranged delivery for convenience. I could not believe it when they arrived two days later. We had a chance to try them out at our cottage in Haliburton over the holidays. We had so much fun and adventure. I am so glad I decided to get my own pair. They were easy to use, easy to get on and off, and lots of fun to explore the heavy snowed woods and lake in. Thanks so much for excellent service and a fantastic product!
- Karen A. from Kitchener
It's too darn cold. Only had them out once but at -50C wind chill not for long. They worked great though.
- Brent Junkin from Sanford, Manitoba
I bought the snowshoes to give as a Christmas gift. They were excitedly received. I'm sure they will be put to good use!
- Shelley from Saskatchewan
Great service, great product except for the fact that we lost the large basket off one pole on our first trip out Christmas Day! :(
- Trudy Sooley from Milltown, NL
I bought a pair of ELT'S for me and Wifey.We always had the Traditional type shoes.These Bigfoot are awesome there not as wide and the Harness are excellent and who would ever thought about throwing in poles with the offer and free shipping.If Wifey likes them everybody will. Thanks Marty
- Marty Hutchison from Miramichi,Nb
Great time snow shoeing in the Crowsnest Pass. Great equipment.
- Harry Unger from Taber Alberta
I bought snow shoes for my husband and myself last year and now this year for my daughter and her family. We love them! It's a great family activity and big foot snow shoes are a great deal!
- C Farr from Nova Scotia
Here are a few pics from some wonderful times hiking with snowshoes on trails around here. I still love my snowshoes. Here are some pictures from a couple of winters ago. In the one, my friend is carrying his snowshoes, and his camera on his back. Thought it was a good shot I took to show that you can still hike and carry them if you dont want to wear them.
- Colleen F from Kitchener - Waterloo
BigFoot, My wife and I have been wanting to try snowshoeing for a couple of years now, we have often thought about making our way to the Winter Sports Complex, located in N. Muskegon, Michigan, at least to "try before we buy", this never happened. About a month ago, we decided to just go for it, without ever trying snowshoeing first. Our fist time out was on our wooded lake property, with about one foot of snow. We easily strapped on our snoeshoes and headed in to the woods, and down to the lake. A very good 1st experience! The next time out, we headed to the beach on Lake Michigan! Not sure why, but we had the beach to ourselves! LOL! What a difference to see the beach frozen and the "icebergs" the lake was forming instead of seeing boats and sunbathers! We have had a pleasant experience with our BigFoot Snowshoes, from ordering to hiking and now have an activity to look forward to during the loooooonnnng Michigan winters! Thanks Bigfoot! Larry and Kim Greve
- Larry and Kim Greve from Whitehall, Mi
Could not wait to use our Big Foot snowshoes since the big storm of Friday, February 8, 2013. On Sunday, February, 10, 2013 which was a beautiful bright sunny day we went over to Bronte Park in Oakville, Ontario to use their ski trails. What a work out! We actually saw 4 deer running through the bush. What a sight!!
- Robert & Diane Fowler from Burlington, ON
We are new to snowshoeing, and loved the step by step guidance we received on the Bigfoot website. We love the snowshoes! They are easy to use, & the poles are great. Thank you for a great shopping experience.
- Doshawkeyes from Central Oregon, USA
Hello, recently i purchased a pair of bigfoot snowshoes for my 7 year old son. I have owned and extensively used bigfoot snowshoes since 2009. They are an excellent snowshoe for a reasonable price. Our snowshoe's are used for checking our snare-lines. Conditions are harsh with 40 plus centimeters for 3 to 4 months. The shoes have stood up to the thickest spruce and tag alder thickets that we could walk through. We have never experienced damage or bent crampon's, as they are used when snow levels are sufficient. Furthermore, the harness system allows children to get them on and off easily. For the price, these are built with very good quality and workmanship. I highly endorse your product. Kevin Finlayson
- Kevin Finlayson from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
My snowshoes arrived while I was attending my son's wedding in Hawaii. I was excited to learn that they had arrived and that I would be able to snowshoe as soon as I got home. I went from kayaking the Wailua River in Kauai, Hawaii to snowshoeing in Revelstoke all in the same week! Doesn't get any better than that!
- Lori Anderson from Revelstoke, BC
We have had our snowshoes a month now. Gone out 6 times and have been really happy with them. We are novice at this and find the shoes work great for what we want. We have not had any problems as reported from others. No damaged or bent ice clets. Mine you, we use the shoes on snow and not pavement, gravel or rocks. We got the package on Boxing day sale for 50% off and find the value totally worth it. Very happy and please and have recommended the shoes to others.
- Ted and Sylvia from Agassiz, BC
After a prediction of a green Christmas I was so happy that after a great Christmas dinner we were able head out with our new snowshoes all except one pair were bought at Bigfoot! Great service too!
- Heather from McKellar, Ontario
We got such a great deal on our snowshoes. They have almost paid for themselves already and we've only gone snowshoeing twice. I love hiking and when I am snowshoeing I feel like I am hiking in the snow. Thanks for the great service.
- Kristi from Abbotsford, BC
After a big snowfall this past winter, I decided to get my mom a pair of snowshoes for her birthday to make it easier for her to walk the dogs. I was immediately impressed with the Big Foot website and how easy it was to find great products when I previously knew nothing about snowshoes. I was then greatly impressed with their response and expertise when my shoes were lost in the mail. The shoes work great, were easy to get on and get used to and my mom says it’s the best gift she's ever gotten. I highly recommend Big Foot Snowshoes to anyone looking for the best product and service for their money.
- Holly Sinclair from Ottawa, ON
After looking around for snowshoes in downtown Toronto, I discovered there were slim pickings unless you wanted to spend hundreds of $. We were not going to Nepal but were going for a weekend in the beautiful Bruce National Park, camping in one of their new Yurts. I stumbled upon Bigfoot, they had good reviews and a special of free poles, bags and shipping if you buy 2. I did and we are thrilled with them..the green ones. They are light and easy to put on and walk in. No problem going up or down hills. Would (and have) definitely recommend them.
- Sue from Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario
We purchased 6 pairs of Bigfoot Adventure series snowshoes to have at our house when friends and family come over. They are perfect for stomping around our property and on the local trails. Easy to use and lightweight, we can't wait for another snowy winter like we had this year!
- Mike & Beth from Waterloo, Ontario
Hi, I wanted to give you some feedback on the snowshoes I just bought from you. They are fantastic! My girlfriend and I went for a little hike in my A30's, her in her A22's, out here in Banff. We took the gondola and a chairlift up in Sunshine Ski Resort and then hiked out to one of the back country ridges. As we passed the people hiking in snowboard boots and blazed our own trail, the Bigfoots had already payed for themselves! The view from the top was pretty good even though the pictures I am attaching pick up a lot of the snow and cloud. It was blowing pretty hard. We got some great powder turns in on the way back down because we packed our boards. Only got in three runs that day, but they were all pretty spectacular coupled with the great and far easier hikes! Oh and my snowboard boots fit great and the bag is really convenient. Already spreading the good word on the trails.
- Connor Donaldson from Banff, Alberta
Hello, I recently purchased the Bigfoot Snowshoes and am very impressed with them. I have never snowshoed before so I found them easy to maneuver, lightweight and was amazed that the snow did not stick to them. I highly recommend using the poles and the carrying bag makes traveling easy. What a wonderful activity to do on a winters day.
- Susan
Hi Bigfoot, the snowshoes are fantastic. Its alot easier than I anticipated. Going thru deep snow was a breeze. The poles are a neccessity in my view. I lost the round tip at the end of one pole. I must not of tightened it enough. Anyway we are throughly enjoying them!
- Ron Schiedel
Hi Bigfoot snowshoes, I cannot believe how much we are enjoying our snowshoes! We have gone for a hike every weekend since before Christmas, I can't even guess how many kilometers we've put on and our snowshoes still look brand new. They are very well constructed; the bindings are awesome, we have yet to have any trouble with them coming loose, even on the children's boots. These are by far the best purchase for a winter activity we have ever made. We recommend you guys to everyone we meet. Thanks again.
- Alex
I recently ordered 20 pairs of snowshoes for my alternative learning class and want to thank you very much for your highly efficient customer service. I ordered the snowshoes on a Friday and we were using them by Monday afternoon! I had the opportunity to make two separate phone calls and it was very refreshing to have a human being answer the phone and take care of our needs immediately. My class of students now have a new love for outdoor activities in the snow. They have found the snowshoes fun and easy to use and have already started bringing in extra clothes to have at school for the days they come in wet from "playing" with the snowshoes. Thank you for running such a customer friendly business. We will most definitely recommend you at any opportunity we have.
- Julianne from Brampton, Ontario
My first experience with Bigfoot snowshoes was arranged by our local guide on an afternoon trip to the woods. Even though I had never used snowshoes before, the walking felt natural from the first steps; the shoes were easy to use, lightweight and felt firm. After the trip I decided to order my own set of snowshoes, a 27" pair. After much usage, I can still say that waking in snow is much easier and more enjoyable than before. Even today I can go for a walk just for the fun of it, for a good exercise and a chance to enjoy nature. Even when I managed to break the backstrap lock (which I take full responsibility for) I got a fast, friendly, same-day email response from Bigfoot Snowshoes and they promised to send me the parts with no problem. I'm sorry, I know this sounds like a TV ad, but it's the truth.
- Robert from Finland
We've really been enoying our Bigfoot Snowshoes and I don't mind sharing some pics if you want to use them for your website. A couple days ago my family and I went out on Burns Lake, BC and these are some pics from then. In the group photo - 3 of the 5 pictured are wearing Bigfoot snowshoes. We were really impressed with how well they worked when we got to the middle of the lake and it was softer than we expected :)
- Tenille from Burns Lake, BC

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" Thank you for helping us make some memorable moments! I bought our Bigfoot Snowshoes several years ago (for myself and my two boys). Had a lot of friends come out and try them and we have had some wonderful days of snowshoeing with them. Took my boyfriend out yesterday for the first time and he loved it so much he ordered us new snowshoes this morning from you along with hats. My snowshoe had broke yesterday so had to use my boot lace to keep it on my foot for our 10 km journey but it worked and was still a fun day. Was just skimming through old photos today and came across these so thought I would send them your way just to show you we really do love using our Bigfoot Snowshoes the past few years. Complete with jumping, kartwheels and handstands! I have recommended them to many people on the trails who stopped me and asked about my showshoes. So happy you still make them! There are lots of photos but I wanted to show you some of my adventures with them. "

~ Utah Hawley, Utah

" I am not a winter person but after purchasing 3 pairs of snowshoes I have found it a bit more enjoyable. My son and I have had a few adventures together and are looking forward to next winter! "

~ Kathy Penney, New Brunswick

" My snowshoes are awesome! I purchased a pair for myself and a pair for one of my kids (for the one I could convince to come with me!)
I ended up using them on a number of occasions over the winter. My whole family even went out (borrowed a couple of other pairs)...check out our video of our family day shoeshoe on our Facebook page (Islandsunrise cottages, fishing & hunting outfitters).
Next year we will be making additional purchases! Thanks! "

~ Dianne Glasby-Debassige, Manitoulin Island

" BigFoot,
My wife and I have been wanting to try snowshoeing for a couple of years now, we have often thought about making our way to the Winter Sports Complex, located in N. Muskegon, Michigan, at least to "try before we buy", this never happened.
About a month ago, we decided to just go for it, without ever trying snowshoeing first. Our fist time out was on our wooded lake property, with about one foot of snow. We easily strapped on our snoeshoes and headed in to the woods, and down to the lake. A very good 1st experience! The next time out, we headed to the beach on Lake Michigan! Not sure why, but we had the beach to ourselves! LOL! What a difference to see the beach frozen and the "icebergs" the lake was forming instead of seeing boats and sunbathers!
We have had a pleasant experience with our BigFoot Snowshoes, from ordering to hiking and now have an activity to look forward to during the loooooonnnng Michigan winters! Thanks Bigfoot! "

~ Larry and Kim Greve, Whitehall, Michigan

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