JAN SALE: 20% OFF all orders of $200 or more; Enter the code SAVE20. Plus FREE SHIPPING ! All prices are in Cdn $.



Spend $200 or more and you will get 20% off. Just enter the code SAVE20 at checkout.

The order can be any combination of sizes or styles of snowshoes. It can be snowshoes, snowshoes with poles or packages. You will  get the 20% off if you spend $200 or more. Just enter the code SAVE20.  Sale ends Sunday February 2nd at 9:00pm EST

We have 2 options for you:

1. Buy a single pair of snowshoes - you will also get a free carry-bag and free shipping (all orders of $75 or more)

2. Buy a package of either 2 or 4 pairs of snowshoes with poles at 50% off, free carry-bags and free shipping.


NOTE: Prices are in Cdn $. Thus, US buyers will save approx 20% on the conversion to US $ when they see the amount on their credit card. We will ship all orders within 1 business day.

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