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We have 2 sizes of Huron Snowshoes (all shown below).

Huron snowshoes are the latest addition to the Bigfoot family of snowshoes. They are perfect for casual snowshoers who are looking to get out in the winter to have a great time and enjoy climbing hills.

Huron snowshoes offer a great combination of technology and comfort for hiking on trails, through forests, moderate terrain or climbing hills. With dual ratchet bindings, kids and adults will have their Bigfoot Snowshoes on in seconds. They are ergonomically designed to ensure a smooth stride, allowing for all day comfort and stability. The lightweight frames and unique design provide maximum flotation in all snow conditions.

The 25 inch an 30 inch each have pivot bars. The pivot bar system creates improved rebounding with added strength

They have hill lifters to make climbing hills more comfortable. They easily adjust to the up position for climbing hills and then go flat for normal terrain.

The crampons are made of light-weigh steel and help avoid any balling of snow in very mushy snow.

Please note that these snowshoes are not suitable for use on pavement, concrete, rocks, logs, or excessive ice.



  • Dual ratchet PVC freeze-resistant bindings provide easy and precise adjustment at any time — even with gloves on
  • Heel strap with quick release buckle and secure foothold
  • Pivot bar system for improved rebounding with added strength
  • Heel lift for added support when climbing hills

Lightweight Frame

  • Anodized aluminum alloy frame puts less stress on knees and joints, allowing for longer treks



  • Light-weight steel provides durability in tough winter conditions
  • Non-stick design helps prevent snow build-up in the slushy, wet snow
  • 5 section, multi-point front crampons, along with 1 section, multi-point rear crampons, ensure full traction on snow crust, packed snow, and when climbing hills


Polyethylene Decking

    • UV resistant polyethylene decking and bindings are flexible to -40 degrees
    • Weight-based sizing ensures the decking area provides flotation in a broad range of snow conditions

We offer 2 sizes - 25" and 30" snowshoes. Check our Sizing Chart to determine the most appropriate size for you.

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