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Need a new activity for students, families or your outdoor recreation program this winter? Why not try snowshoeing! Snowshoes are in high demand so contact us to pre-order for early Dec arrival.

We want to help as many people as we can stay active during the winter. It is too easy to stay inside - but being outside can be just as fun! Snowshoeing has been around for hundreds of years and is the fastest growing winter sport in the world! If you can walk, you can snowshoe!
Photo from Alberta, October 2017

With the growing childhood obesity concerns we need to focus on increasing activity levels - especially in the winter. Even with the Physical Activity Guidelines being reduced from 90 minutes per day to 60 minutes per day, only 7% of children are meeting these guidelines.

Did you know: walking, running or playing while wearing snowshoes burns up to 45% more calories than these same activities without wearing snowshoes. In fact, you can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour of snowshoeing — more than running or cross-country skiing! Snowshoeing poses little risk of injury, and can be safely enjoyed by all ages.

Snowshoeing at a casual walking speed can burn from approximately 420-740 calories per hour, while walking at a moderate pace burns approximately only 335 calories per hour.

Bigfoot Snowshoes are affordable, durable and easy to use. No expensive equipment, clothing or tickets required! We offer 19" through 40" sizes. Schools and associations across North America are re-introducing this sport to their curriculum and the participants love it!

Each pair of snowshoes comes with matching poles, a storage/carry bag to keep the snowshoes protected and organized. The only maintenance required to your Bigfoot Snowshoes is to wipe the excess snow off before storage, and to periodically check the nuts and bolts to ensure they are tight.

If you're part of a school board, ski association, boy scouts, girl guides, camping resort, or any other association looking to purchase a bulk order of snowshoes, we can offer you:

  • Special discounted pricing on school/association orders
  • Quick shipping to meet your deadlines
  • Custom packages to suit your needs and budgets
  • Contact us to learn more

Please email us for a Pricing and Sizing chart. It shows the recommended snowshoe size based on the school grade, the average age for that grade and low, median and high weights for that age. Plus, it gives you the current discounted pricing to schools.  Just email us at service@bigfootsnowshoes,com


" We purchased Bigfoot Snowshoes and essentially created an Outdoor Ed Centre at our own school. This saved me the cost of busing students off-site and allowed our students to be active outdoors throughout the winter. You can't predict weather in Southern Ontario, so when the good snow falls and the sun is shining we have our snowshoes ready. "

Paul Noble
Principal Terraview-Willowfield PS Toronto, Ontario