We have 3 great deals for you for to help you enjoy the next 2 months of winter:

DEAL #1: Purchase any 2 or more pairs of snowshoes and you'll get FREE carry bags and FREE matching poles for every pair (excl Littlefoots) and FREE shipping. This is over $100 in savings for every 2 pairs !

DEAL #2: Save additional money ! Save up to $150 in total on our pre-packed snowshoe bundles of 2 pairs or up to $280 on our pre-packed bundles of 4 pairs ! Each bundle has 2 or 4 pairs of Bigfoot snowshoes, discounted pricing, FREE matching coloured poles for every pair, FREE carry bags for every pair and FREE shipping. Click for the pre-packed bundles with a wide range of sizes.

DEAL #3: If you need 3 or more pairs, call for special discounted pricing for each pair, plus you'll get FREE matching snowshoe poles for every pair (excl Littlefoots), FREE carry bags for every pair and FREE shipping.

Order by 2:30pm and we will ship the same business day. Order after 2:30pm and we will ship the next business day !

Note for US buyers: No taxes, duty, or brokerage fees as these are being shipped from Canada.

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