Three Specials to help you enjoy the balance of winter.

SPECIAL #1: Purchase any 2 or more pairs of snowshoes and you'll get FREE carry bags and FREE matching poles for every pair (excl Littlefoots) and FREE shipping. This is over $100 in savings for every 2 pairs !

SPECIAL #2: Save additional money ! Save up to $150 in total on our pre-packed snowshoe bundles of 2 pairs or up to $350 on our pre-packed bundles of 4 pairs ! Each bundle has 2 or 4 pairs of Bigfoot snowshoes, discounted pricing, FREE matching coloured poles for every pair, FREE carry bags for every pair and FREE shipping. Click for the pre-packed bundles with a wide range of sizes. For the 1st week of March, the Adventure 25/27/30/34 Family Bundle is on sale at only $349.99....save $250 !

SPECIAL #3 If you are buying 3 or more pairs, please call for special pricing.

Order by 2:30pm and we will ship the same business day. Order after 2:30pm and we will ship the next business day ! Note for US buyers: No taxes, duty, or brokerage fees as these are being shipped from Canada.

Signed: Bigfoot


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