Before You Buy

Each day we receive questions from customers about Bigfoot snowshoes & poles as well as about the buying and shipping processes. Below are some of the more common questions and answers that you may find helpful. If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to contact us by phone or email and we'll be happy to help you! The section Using Your Snowshoes & Poles has lots of tips about using your snowshoes and poles to make your outing easy and fun.

What do the numbers you use with your snowshoes mean?
The number associated with a Bigfoot snowshoe is its length in inches. For example, an Adventure-22 is approximately 22 inches long and an Adventure-34 is approximately 34 inches long. Click here to go to our sizing chart.

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Are there different models for men/women?
No. Our snowshoes are gender neutral. Each model is designed for specific uses, and comes in its own set of colours, but they are not gender specific.

What type or size of footwear will work with your snowshoes?
Whatever you're most comfortable wearing should work just fine!
Our snowshoes are equipped with a dual-ratchet binding system, as well as a fully adjustable heel strap. The lengths of the binding straps are proportional to the size of the snowshoes, so larger snowshoes are designed to accommodate larger footwear. This makes it very easy to use your snowshoes with virtually any style of footwear.

Why do you have so many different sizes?
Each size of snowshoe is designed to support a specific weight range. The surface area of the snowshoe platform provides the flotation you need across a broad range of snow conditions. Selecting a size that is too small for you will mean that you’ll sink more deeply into the snow than you would in the right size snowshoe. As well, larger sizes are made with thicker tubing to handle the stresses of heavier weights. Click here to go to our sizing chart.

I'm right on the edge of a weight range; what should I do?
One thing to remember is that winter clothing generally adds about 10 pounds, to your weight, so if you weigh 150 lb, your snowshoeing weight is 160 lb.
Ideally, you want to be in the center of the weight range. This gives you the best balance of flotation and ease of use across the broadest range of snow conditions. If you are expecting to do most of your snowshoeing in deeper, softer snow, you're better off getting a size where you're on the lower end of the weight range. If you're going to spend more of your time on trails where the snow has already been compacted a bit, you can opt for snowshoes where your weight is towards the higher end of the range. Click here to go to our sizing chart.

What are the differences between the Adventure and Elite models? ( Please note that we are temporarily sold out of the Elite Snowshoes)
Our Adventure snowshoes are our general recreational model. They are ideal for the beginner to intermediate snowshoer who wants a high quality, lightweight snowshoe that's easy to use and ready to handle all kinds of snow conditions and terrain. You can see more details and pictures of these snowshoes by clicking on the size you’re interested in on our products page.

Elite snowshoes are our lightest. They are made for climbing, longer distance trekking , deeper powder or for those who value lightness without wishing to forego reliability. Elite bindings use the same ratchet and friction heel systems as the Adventure models, but binding and platform material as well as crampons are all designed to minimize weight without sacrificing strength.

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Do the Adventure 30, 34, 36 and 40s have any extra features?
Yes. The tubing is slightly thicker than what is used for smaller Adventure sizes, giving a stronger frame overall. As well, they have a stainless steel pivot bar under the binding rather than the pivot strap that is used for smaller adventure sizes. Again, this provides added strength and durability.

What colour choices do I have for my snowshoes?
Each model/size of snowshoe comes in one colour. This helps us to simplify the manufacturing process, ensuring even bigger savings for our customers. We also have poles that match our Adventure snowshoe colours.

Do you have any tips on using my snowshoes?
Check out our Using Your Snowshoes & Poles information on our web site.

Is there any maintenance required on my snowshoes?
The only maintenance required to your Bigfoot Snowshoes is to wipe the excess snow off before storage, and to periodically check the nuts and bolts to ensure they are tight.


Do I really need snowshoe poles?
You don't need poles to snowshoe, but once you've used them, you'll find you won't want to head out without them. If you're venturing onto uneven terrain, poles can be the difference between a fall and maintaining your balance. They're also great help when climbing, descending or making a side-hill traverse. Even on flat terrain, poles are a great way to get some upper-body exercise during your outing.

Will your poles fit me?
Our Adventure poles use a 3 part telescopic design that allows them to extend from 26" (66 cm) to a full 53" (135 cm). This makes them easy to pack and usable by people from 4'6" to 6'6" tall.

Can I use my poles for things other than snowshoeing?
Certainly! Our poles come with two rubber tips for the bottom that are ideal for walking & hiking. The round tips with the flat bottom are great for everyday general walks in the city or on hard ground. The angled tips (Nordic tips) are for more aggressive hiking, usually with your poles extended a bit longer then you'd have them for regular walking. The poles alone – without tips – are ideal for hiking on softer ground.

Will poles fit inside the snowshoe carry bags?
The poles can be carried fully inside the carrying bags of snowshoes that are 27” and longer. With the carry bags of shorter snowshoes, poles will not fit fully inside the bag. The tips will stick out of the bag a bit.
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Are there taxes on my purchase?
 We are legally required to charge sales tax (GST/HST) for shipments within Canada. The rates differ depending on the province/territory to which we ship the order. Shipments to the United States are not charged sales taxes.

I live in the US. What are the duty and customs charges?
For shipments under 5 pairs to the US, we the buyer is responsible for any duty, customs or tariff charges, if any. For orders over 5 pairs we pay any tariffs and duty.

Why are your snowshoes less expensive than most other brands?
We are the direct importer of our snowshoes; there are no middlemen. When you combine this with the fact that we order in very large bulk quantities, it gives us the ability to provide our snowshoes at much lower costs than our competitors without compromising on quality.

How can I pay for my order?
For online purchases, Shopify accepts all major credit cards, Apple Pay and payment through your PayPal Account. For US purchasers, if your Credit Card is not being accepted, you may want to ensure that it has been set-up to allow international purchases. Your card issuer can help you with this.

I receive an unspecified error when trying to check out; what's causing this?
The online payment system uses a Fraud Management system to guard against the use of stolen credit cards. Usually card errors occur when a piece of personal information (like your name or address information) is entered incorrectly or does not match the billing information associated with your credit card. Please ensure that the information you enter exactly matches that of your credit card. If you're still receiving errors and your information is correct, feel free to give us a call and we can complete your order over the phone.


What if I don't want my order shipped to my credit card billing address?
You can provide a shipping address that is different.

How long will it take to ship my order ?

Orders placed on weekends/holidays are shipped within 3 calendar days. Orders placed Monday to Friday are shipped within 2 business days.

Standard Delivery

We use Canada Post Expedited Parcel or UPS standard delivery for all shipments in Canada and UPS for shipments to the United States. All items are shipped with a tracking number.


Orders placed on weekends/holidays are shipped within 3 calendar days. Orders placed Monday to Friday are shipped within 2 business days.



  • Shipping in Canada to the Canadian Provinces and the Yukon is $20 for orders under $125 and FREE for orders of $125 or more, except for very remote areas, where a fee may apply.
  • For shipments to Northwest Territories or Nunavut, please call us for a shipping quote.
  • Shipping to the 48 contiguous states in the United Sates  Shipping is $30 for orders under $125 and FREE for orders of $125 or more,except for very remote areas where a fee may apply. Please note that duty/tariffs, if any, are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • For shipments to Alaska, there may be an extra charge for shipping.
  • Orders for locations in Canadian Provinces and the Yukon are sent by Canada Post's Expedited Parcel service or by UPS if a larger order. Your Bigfoot items should arrive in 2-7 business days from date of shipping
  • Orders for the 48 contiguous states in the United States are sent by UPS. Your Bigfoot package should arrive in 3-10 days from date of shipping (UPS guidelines). Orders to Alaska are sent by Canada Post and should arrive in 7-10 business days from date of shipping (Canada Post guidelines).

Special Delivery

  • Need it faster? If you need an order delivered more quickly, please call us toll-free at 1-877-888-7426 to discuss faster shipping options and the associated costs.

Can I track the progress of my shipment?
Yes. We ship Canadian orders via Canada Post Expedited Parcel and US orders via UPS - Standard. UPS will send an email to you with your tracking information. If you wish to track your Canadian shipment, please give us a call and we'll provide the tracking number to you.

Do you ship to locations other than Canada or the US?
No. we only ship to Canada and the United States.

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