Our "4 Steps To Snowshoeing" will have you set up for the most fun and success in your new Bigfoot Snowshoes. Click below to navigate through the steps and learn everything you need to know about snowshoeing!


Step 1 of 4 Step 1 - Learn About Snowshoeing
Find out everything you need to know about snowshoeing from what to expect while you've got your snowshoes on to how it can help you to extend your fitness routine through the Winter months.
 Step 2 of 4 Step 2 - Choose Your Style
Learn about our 3 different style options, all suitable from beginner to advanced snowshoers and find the perfect fit for your snowy adventures.
Step 3 of 4 Step 3 - Determine Your Size
Learn how to account for the weight of clothes, boots and gear,  and then choose the best snowshoes for you. View our size chart and make sure you are set for success on the trails.
Step 4 of 4 Step 4 - Shop Now
Ready to get out there? We have plenty of options available, whether you want one pair, are looking for two or 4 pair snowshoe bundles, or want snowshoes for your school or organization. Every pair comes with a free carry-bag and any if you order for 2 or more pairs of any style, you get free matching poles for every pair. Finally, all our bundles have price reductions included.