We have a  container of Adventure snowshoes on its way to us.  The snowshoes will arrive around Feb 17, and we plan to ship all orders between Feb 19 and Feb 26.  

1. All sales are final and are non refundable and non- cancelable

2. Each package includes a pair of snowshoes, a set of all-season poles, a carry-bag and free shipping

3. Due to a high volume of activity, we will email you a Sales Receipt within 48 hours of when you place your order


Our Adventure Snowshoes are our all-purpose snowshoes, good in all snows types and with a wide range of sizes from 19 inch to 40 inch. Alas, we are already SOLD OUT of the 19 inch and 22 inch that are on the container.


Adventure snowshoes are our general recreational model. They are ideal for the beginner to intermediate snowshoer who wants a high quality, lightweight snowshoe that's easy to use and ready to handle all kinds of snow conditions and terrain. You can see more details and pictures of these snowshoes by clicking on the size you’re interested in below.

Check our Sizing Chart to see the most appropriate sizes based on the weight of the person(s).

Please note that these snowshoes are not suitable for use on pavement, concrete, rocks, logs, or excessive ice.


  • Dual ratchet PVC freeze-resistant bindings provide easy and precise adjustment at any time — even with gloves on
  • Heel strap with quick release buckle and secure foothold
  • Pivot strap system on smaller (LF-15 to ADV-27) snowshoe models for improved rebound
  • Stainless steel pivot bar on larger (ADV-30 to ADV-36) snowshoe models for added strength
  • Longer binding straps on larger (ADV-30 to ADV-36) snowshoe models to fit larger boot sizes

Lightweight Frame

  • Anodized aluminum alloy frame puts less stress on knees and joints, allowing for longer treks
  • Thicker, stronger tubing used on larger (ADV-30 to ADV-36) snowshoe models


  • Heavy duty aluminum provides durability in tough winter conditions
  • Nonstick design helps prevent snow build-up
  • Smaller (ADV-19 to ADV-27) models have 7 point front along with 6 point rear crampons, ensuring full traction on snow crust, packed snow, and when climbing hills
  • Larger (ADV-30 to ADV-36) models have 10 point front along with 6 point rear crampons, ensuring full traction on snow crust, packed snow, and when climbing hills
  • Littlefoot snowshoes feature one 4-point crampon

Polyethylene Decking

  • UV resistant polyethylene decking and bindings are flexible to -40 degrees
  • Weight-based sizing ensures the decking area provides flotation in a broad range of snow condition

 NOTE: Prices are in Cdn $. Thus, US buyers will save approx 20% on the conversion to US $ when they see the amount on their credit card.

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