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"I purchased my Adventure 34 snowshoes about ten years ago ,they have held up through everything I have put them through .Only a few minor repairs after that many years. My wife and I get out as much as possible" Charles T - Jan, 2022

" We have had several opportunities to use our new Bigfoot snowshoes out here near Ottawa. Winter weather hear has been full of freezing rain and ice build up so we were very pleased that the snowshoes are very stable on ice!  We cross country ski on a river however the ice buildup means we’ve used the snowshoes more often. The delivery was on time and product as described. Nice to buy from a Canadian company in Canadian dollars! "

~ Garry, Ottawa

" We finally got a chance to use our snowshoes and wanted you to know how pleased we are with our purchase.  They are very easy to put on, stayed on our boots and held us up perfectly.  My husband, who has been snowshoeing for over 50 years was very impressed.  Thank you for a very quality product! "

~ Karen

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" We were finally able to give our snow shoes a trial run or walk!
OMG…we love them, so easy to use.
We went on a trail by Allan Bill Pond, Kananaskis, AB. Even though it was -20 we bundled up and had a blast!!
I will certainly recommend you to any one that asks about snow shoeing plus I will be buying some for our daughter! "

~ Wendy, Alberta

Bigfoot on the trails
" I got out last week to enjoy the snow and the full moon with my new Gold Shoes! Thank you so much for your great service- your prompt replies to my emails. I love my new snowshoes!  I have told everyone I know about your company. Keep up the good work! !! Here's to winter-bring on the snow! "
~ Deb from Ontario

Snowshoeing    Snowshoeing    Snowshoeing

" Thank you for helping us make some memorable moments! I bought our Bigfoot Snowshoes several years ago (for myself and my two boys). Had a lot of friends come out and try them and we have had some wonderful days of snowshoeing with them. Took my boyfriend out yesterday for the first time and he loved it so much he ordered us new snowshoes this morning from you along with hats.  Was just skimming through old photos today and came across these so thought I would send them your way just to show you we really do love using our Bigfoot Snowshoes the past few years. Complete with jumping, kartwheels and handstands! I have recommended them to many people on the trails who stopped me and asked about my showshoes. So happy you still make them! There are lots of photos but I wanted to show you some of my adventures with them. "

~ Utah Hawley, Utah

" I am not a winter person but after purchasing 3 pairs of snowshoes I have found it a bit more enjoyable. My son and I have had a few adventures together and are looking forward to next winter! "

~ Kathy Penney, New Brunswick

Snowshoeing with Bigfoot

" My snowshoes are awesome! I purchased a pair for myself and a pair for one of my kids (for the one I could convince to come with me!)
I ended up using them on a number of occasions over the winter. My whole family even went out (borrowed a couple of other pairs)...check out our video of our family day shoeshoe on our Facebook page (Islandsunrise cottages, fishing & hunting outfitters).
Next year we will be making additional purchases! Thanks! "

~ Dianne , Manitoulin Island

" BigFoot,
My wife and I have been wanting to try snowshoeing for a couple of years now, we have often thought about making our way to the Winter Sports Complex, located in N. Muskegon, Michigan, at least to "try before we buy", this never happened.
About a month ago, we decided to just go for it, without ever trying snowshoeing first. Our fist time out was on our wooded lake property, with about one foot of snow. We easily strapped on our snowshoes and headed in to the woods, and down to the lake. A very good 1st experience! The next time out, we headed to the beach on Lake Michigan! Not sure why, but we had the beach to ourselves! LOL! What a difference to see the beach frozen and the "icebergs" the lake was forming instead of seeing boats and sunbathers!
We have had a pleasant experience with our BigFoot Snowshoes, from ordering to hiking and now have an activity to look forward to during the loooooonnnng Michigan winters! Thanks Bigfoot! "

~ Larry and Kim,  Michigan

Do you want to submit a testimonial for your Bigfoot Snowshoes? (Don't forget to include a photo if you can)
To send us an email about your experience, click here!