Snowshoeing Guide

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Learn About Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is one of the oldest winter sports and has evolved into an increasingly popular recreational activity in the past few decades. Advances in technology and design have greatly improved the form and function of snowshoes, making modern models far easier to use by people of all skill levels.

Snowshoeing is fun 

The beauty of snowshoeing is its simplicity. Modern snowshoes allow you to use them with virtually any type of shoe or boot and hit the trails with a completely natural stride. The lightweight materials and streamlined designs mean that you no longer have to struggle with overly wide and heavy models that get bogged down with snow or force you into a bow-legged walking position.

Snowshoeing is a fun and inexpensive winter activity that the whole family can enjoy. Since you don't need expensive equipment or special training to start snowshoeing, it is easy to introduce yourself and others to the sport.

Snowshoeing Is Fun!

It's easy

Snowshoeing allows you to explore the outdoors throughout the winter. Whether you're breaking trail through snowy forests, trekking along mountains or just enjoying the many parks and trails in your area, snowshoes let you get around with ease. With snowshoes you get to extend the hiking, climbing and running seasons through the winter so that you are never left behind! You can keep your trekking gentle and low-key, or go adventuring off the beaten path with ease to explore your surroundings.

Snowshoes are also the perfect winter addition for many hobbyists including photographers and birdwatchers. Enjoy the beauty of winter solitude, or go out as a group to experience everything winter has to offer!

Snowshoeing Is Easy!

Don't worry about needing special training, you already know how to snowshoe! If you can walk, then you can snowshoe! There are no tricky techniques to master and you can rest assured that within hours you should be able to handle almost any terrain. Because snowshoes are more stable and offer more control than skis or snowboards, beginners are able to handle steeper and more exciting ventures far sooner than with other equipment. Snowshoeing is one of the most versatile winter sports around and it is an activity that children, adults, beginners and seasoned pros can enjoy together!


Snowshoeing Is Inexpensive!

Unlike most winter sports, snowshoeing doesn't require expensive equipment, clothing or tickets. Snowshoeing is one winter activity that won't wreak havoc on your bank account. All that is required are the snowshoes themselves, appropriate winter clothing (preferably layers) and perhaps some snowshoe poles depending on the conditions and your experience level. You don't need to purchase specialty boots as modern snowshoes not only come with advanced binding systems, but they are designed to securely fit any type of footwear. Whether you're shopping for yourself or for the entire family, you'll always find snowshoes that fit all shapes, sizes and experience levels; but best of all, they'll fit your budget!


Snowshoeing Is A Great Fitness Option!

Most people feel trapped indoors once the winter hits but snowshoeing gives you the opportunity to get outside and get fit! While many people use snowshoes for recreation or competitions, others are using snowshoeing as a great fitness routine. The beauty of the sport is that since you can control the intensity of your trek, snowshoeing offers a great option for people of all ages and experience levels from children to seniors and novices to pros.

Stay active during winter

Many people that turn to snowshoeing as a form of fitness and healthy lifestyle can see significant improvement in their cardiovascular systems and endurance not to mention visible weight loss!

Snowshoeing burns up to twice as many calories as walking at the same speed. In fact, you can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour of snowshoeing — more than running or cross-country skiing!

The sport of snowshoeing also is effective conditioning training for all types of athletes, including runners, cyclists climbers and much more! The added resistance provided by the shoes and the snow enhances your current fitness and helps take you to the next level.

While energy expenditures are greater for snowshoeing than most other winter sports, there are many ways to further add to your snowshoeing routine. Simply by incorporating snowshoeing poles to your trek can greatly increase your upper-body strength and endurance for a total-body workout. In addition, snowshoeing on hilly terrain or breaking trails through thicker powder snow can also intensify your calorie burn and fitness level.

However, no matter what your goals, it's important to work at your own pace and not over-exert yourself, especially when out in the cold. Snowshoeing can be a fun and useful activity in a healthy lifestyle, and it's a great way to take advantage of the great winter outdoors!