Step 2 - Choose Your Style

Step 1 -
Learn About Snowshoeing

Step 2 -
Choose Your Style

Step 3 -
Determine Your Size
Step 4 -
Place Your Order

What kind of snowshoeing are you planning to do?

If you're:

  • Between 50 - 350 lbs
  • Going to be mostly on trails and moderate terrain
  • Looking for a solid all-round snowshoe

Select the Bigfoot Adventure style. It's perfect for the beginner to intermediate snowshoer.

Click here for Adventure details

If you are buying for someone:

  • Between 20 and 50 lbs
  • Want bright, colourful snowshoes
  • Looking for easy to use child's snowshoes
  • Going to be used mostly on flat ground

Select the LittleFoot 15 inch. It's custom made for young children


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