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Determine Your Size

The number associated with a Bigfoot snowshoe is its length in inches. For example, an Adventure-22 is approximately 22 inches long and an Elite-34 approximately 34 inches long.

Having the correct Bigfoot snowshoe size allows a comfortable walking stride while providing proper flotation to keep you on the surface of the snow. The main determination of size is the total weight the snowshoes will carry. A rule of thumb when looking at the table below is to add 10 lbs to your base weight to factor in winter clothing. When in doubt, go up a size.

Your weight in pounds Bigfoot Snowshoe Size
(add 10 lbs for winter clothing/boots) (length in inches)
20-60 15"
50-90 19"
80-120 22"
110-160 25"
140-180 27"
160-210 30"
190-230 34"
210-260 36"
250-350 40"

Overlaps in the size/weight chart allow for additional factors to be taken into account. Consider moving to a larger snowshoe size if any of the following apply:

  • You will be snowshoeing in deeper snow.
  • You will be carrying a back-pack that will increase your total weight.
  • You are taller and more comfortable with a longer stride.

You should now have the appropriate Bigfoot snowshoe size (length) for you.

Please use your snowshoes for walking only on powder or packed snow, as they can become damaged or break if used elsewhere. Please avoid walking across logs, rocks, etc. These damages are not covered under our Bigfoot Snowshoe Warranty.


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